Momentum offers a wide selection of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified plantation teak furniture. Our manufacturers are based in Central Java and use the best qualities of Kiln Dried wood available on the market.

FSC is the most stringent certification process for logging. FSC was created in the 1990s by environmental and social groups, landowners and loggers. Its objective is to provide consumers with a rigorous and independent system for identifying and managing forest products while meeting ecological, social and economic criteria.

In addition to our teak collection, we offer a wide range of rubberwood furniture. Momentum uses rubber wood from plantations in Thailand, this tree is first cultivated for 15 to 20 years in order to harvest its latex, which is used in the manufacture of a wide range of products.

After these years, when the tree no longer produces latex, it is cut for the use of its wood which will be used to make furniture, floor coverings, toys, kitchen utensils and many other consumer goods. Nothing is thrown away, even scraps of wood are used to make fuel, sawdust is used in the textile industry and in the manufacture of chipboards.

The advantage of using rubber trees is obvious, its entire cultivation process is managed with respect for the environment, having no impact on it. Our partner employs more than 300 local employees paid with decent wages, with real career prospects and working in conditions that meet the best security criteria. For the finish, the rubber tree is tinted and varnished with water-based products, always with the same concern for respect for the environment.

For more information on the various applications and marketing of rubber trees, visit the site "Green and Growing" - http://www.greenandgrowing.org/rubberwood-sustainable-uses/

Momentum is constantly working with its numerous suppliers in India, China, Thailand and Indonesia to promote the recycling of old wood as much as possible. We use old furniture, doors, frames, beams, almost any building object or material that has exceeded its initial useful life. Our designers then have this recycled wood shaped by our team of carpenters to give it a second life.

This work gives an exceptional result, handmade, totally unique not only by its design but also by the materials used in its realization. The final effect is really surprising, we also think that it gives it a special value, which is not found on other mass produced furniture.


For any questions regarding delivery or our other services, please contact us by phone on +32 2 5140787 or email info@momentum.be